Kan Eang@Pier



Kan Eang@Pier

3 in 1 @Phuket’s Best Seafood Restaurant


Kan Eang@Pier boasts one of Phuket’s most spectacular views of the Chalong Bay. It’s been regarded as a seafood-lover’s utopia due to its fresh seafood menus for more than 30 years. Its seafood is allegedly caught daily by local fishermen and delivered directly to its kitchen. Visitors can order huge Phuket lobsters, tiger prawns, king prawns, crabs, cuttlefish, and so many types of fish and shells. Moreover, Kan Eang@Pier offers three different spots to meet your desire.







For those who dream about a good meal with the breathtaking views of the Andaman Sea, Kan Eang@Pier has a nice dining setting in a chilling atmosphere on its spacious outdoor terrace. Those who desire pre-dining cocktails or after dinner drinks can just chill for a while at Baybar, an a/c indoor bar perfect for social gatherings or intimate chats. K1 Kaffe is an American-style restaurant offering homemade pastry and freshly brewed coffee, ideal for private money talks or family gatherings.