Baba Nest@Sri Panwa Phuket

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Baba Nest

@Sri Panwa Phuket

Could’ve Not Been Any Better!


We believe that Sri Panwa Phuket has been regarded as the best and most memorable luxury resort in Phuket for years. With its superb location on Cape Panwa, this resort is like the other Kingdom. 24Life Team went to check out Baba Nest, which is flattered by several people as Phuket’s best seaview restaurant and rooftop bar.


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Right after we parked the car, a little Tuk Tuk was waiting to drive us up to the top of Cape Panwa. Baba Nest gets very busy for sunset while they keep only 1 table or two available for outsider guests. We really saw all the tables were taken, so better to make a reservation in advance. And WOW!! this is absolutely a stunning rooftop bar/ restaurant with a breathtaking panoramic view of the Andaman Sea. We can’t say enough about the view.

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The weather was also super nice that day though we could’ve been here a bit earlier to soak up the Phuket sunshine. Before the sunset, it was definitely the time for everybody to take the obligatory selfies and horizon shots. In addition, Baba Nest seems to specialize in Asian-inspired cocktails and appetizers. The drinks were so tasty.


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We tried the mint mojitos, again…yummy! We could barely taste the alcohol. The tapas set was delish, especially Burrito a la Speddy Gonzalez (pulled pork, avocado, salad, and tortilla wrap) and Akami Sashimi Crisps (tuna sashimi, avocado, red onion served with spicy sauce). Overall, Baba Nest can be a perfect place for a quick bite with friends or family and also for a romantic date at sunset.


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