J Plus Hotel by YOO closes its doors (statement)

(Hong Kong, April 2018) – J Plus Hotel by YOO is set to close its doors on 1st May 2018.

Thanks to everyone’s lasting support. The hotel has had a tremendous ride over an incredible journey over the past 15 years, and remains popular and commercially viable right till the very end, even though closure has become inevitable due to a ‘change of purpose’ of the property. We may be saying good-bye, but we hope our legacy of ‘rejecting all things conventional’ will live forever in the city’s memory.

J Plus Hotel By YOO began making a difference in Hong Kong in 2003, when we wowed the city as its first boutique hotel and Asia’s first Philippe Starck designed property. Originally the name JIA, means “home” in Mandarin, J Plus captured the world’s attention with its authentic home-away-from-home concept, where Starck’s trailblazing, minimalist design and unique yet timeless layout has set off a whole new trend in the hotel industry.

The hotel broke ground on many levels. To kindle the feeling of ‘home’, we strive to make our services as personal, intimate and non-intrusive as possible, with many tailored as an ‘inclusive’ part of our guests’ stay. We also work really hard to infuse a sleek aesthetic, and provide a relaxed and soulful vibe for every little detail of our services.

The effort to innovate didn’t stop there. On its 10th anniversary, in 2014, J Plus re-united with Philippe Starck and received a new look from Starck’s YOO Studio design team, who “pulled back the curtains” to reveal the buzz of the streets and revamped the rooms. New splashes of colour and eclectic furnishing touches were introduced to match the property’s unconventional DNA. The same year, J Plus made a revolutionary entry into social marketing, and became one of the first hotels in the city to actively engage KOLs in its social marketing efforts, including the successful #jplustakeover campaign.

In 2015, J Plus made another pioneering move and transformed its ground floor lobby into an art space named Art@JPlusHK dedicated to exhibiting works of local and foreign artists, established and new. Hosting three to four art shows a year right in the heart of the vivacious city jungle that is Causeway Bay, as well as an eclectic mix of artistic collaborations and cross-overs, Art@JPlusHK quickly morphed into an interesting destination of the local art scene. Connecting travellers to the city’s thriving art world has been growing bigger and bigger, J Plus became the city’s most reputed art hotel.

In an effort to make a deeper connection between the shows and our staying guests, we introduced inroom shopping and limited-edition guest stationery and amenities designed by featured artists. Such special touches of whim and originality were popular and much appreciated by guests. With several exhibitions, collaborations and crossovers over the years, J Plus has cemented its new positioning as the city’s most reputed art hotel.

This relentless forward-thinking ethos together with impeccable and highly personal services has helped to craft a memorable and intimate staying experience for our guests, many of whom have become loyal long-term patrons. It has also earned the hotel numerous accolades from the world’s best publications, from CNN Travel, Condé Nast to Wallpaper magazine, as well as seven consecutive “Certificate of Excellence” and a “Hall of Fame” awarded by TripAdvisor.

None of these would have happened, without the help of you and our fiercely loyal clients. So thank you for standing by us through this thrilling ride of an extraordinary journey.

It may be the end of an era; it’s certainly not the end of our friendship. Even if the hotel door closes, the spirit of our vision lives on.

Let’s stay in touch via info@jplushongkong.com or jplushotelbyyoo@gmail.com after our 1st May closure. And perhaps we’ll see you again for one last toast before May!

We wish you, our press friends, all the best.

Vivian Chau
General Manager
J Plus Hotel by YOO