Kadayawan Festival: tribes thank nature and show their unity in diversity in Davao

Festival Kadayawan Philippines

Kadayawan sa Davao is a very colourful and lively celebration of the unification of Davao’s resident indigenous groups that takes place in Davao City (Philippines) every 3rd week of August.

The Kadayawan festival is a thanksgiving for the gifts of nature which showcases Davao’s rich culture and diversity, paying also tribute to the lumad, a collective group of 11 indigenous tribes living in the city.

From 10 to 19 August, tribal groups will bring their colouful traditional costumes, dances and vibes to the streets. One of the highlights is the “Tribal Games”, when different tribes showcase their unique sports, skills and games, but do not miss the Indak-Indak Kadalanan, the amazing collective street dance!

Despite the martial law declared in May 2017 in Mindanao, the festivities last year were joyful as usual.

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