Pizza Fiesta with the world champion Pasqualino Barbasso at Le Meridien Chiang Mai

Two-time world champion pizza acrobat Pasqualino Barbasso is at Le Meridien Chiang Mai from 12 to 15 July to share his amazing skills and create delicious pizzas.

As a true Italian pizzaiolo, Pasqualino Barbasso’s passion is to make high quality pizzas. But he loves to do it in an entertaining way with daring pizza acrobatics for the delight of his hungry crowds.

The gifted pizzaiolo twirls the pizza dough in front of his face, spins it smoothly over the top of his guiding hand, whips it around his body, under his legs, sends it into the air only to catch it and stretch it to monstrous lengths.

This 44-year-old Sicilian grew up in the family restaurant and started his pizzaiolo career at 17. He was crowned world champion for pizza acrobatics in 2001 and 2002 and then, his passion for cooking pizzas and entertaining took him around the globe, mainly Europe and Asia.

This year, he created the buzz in countries such as China, Korea (see video), Indonesia, Dubai, before landing in Phuket earlier this month. He is now traveling to Chiang Mai. So if you are in the Rose of the North this week, you will have the chance to catch the pizza maestro at Le Meridien Hotel from 12 to 15 July.

Amaze your family and friends with the exciting pizza acrobatics along with an array of freshly prepared toppings and authentic Italian dishes at Favola.

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