The 5th Global Day of Discovery at Renaissance Harbour View Hotel Hong Kong

Hong Kong – 21 June 2016 – Renaissance Hotels is known around the world for helping the next generation of business travelers to discover unexpected cultural experiences, and Renaissance Harbour View Hotel Hong Kong celebrated the 5th Global Day of Discovery with nearly 170 Renaissance Hotels around the world last Thursday by hosting an exclusive “Sip, See and Savour Hidden Gems of Hong Kong” event for Marriott Rewards members, corporate clients and bloggers.


Mixologist is mixing special cocktails for Beverage Ritual


Specially crafted “Cucumber Bliss” cocktail

Sip, See and Savour Hidden Gems of Hong Kong
To bring guests inspiring experiences and unusual journeys, Renaissance Harbour View Hotel Hong Kong hosted an exclusive event featuring a “Cha Chaan Teng” Night with local delicacies, intriguing art pieces and an exhibition of mixed artworks by Mr. San Chiu Yan at ART ONE adjacent to the hotel.


Local artist Mr. San Chiu Yan (on the right)


Live cooking station with indeginous Sautéed instant noodle with scallops, barbecue pork and cheese sauce

“Cha Chaa Teng” is an essential part of Hong Kong’s dining culture, where you can find delicacies with a mix of “East meets West” style, and the name literally means “tea restaurant” in Cantonese, which is self-explanatory that beverages play a vital cultural role. The hotel presented the iconic Hong Kong Style Milk Tea, with specially crafted cocktails during “Beverage Ritual”, including Iced Preserved Kumquat Seven Up with Gin and Pepsi with Rum, lemon and preserved lemon, two typical Cha Chaan Teng drinks with a twist, as well as Cucumber Bliss, a refreshing cocktail inspired by Hong Kong Five Green Juice with cucumber flavor. Our meticulous chefs indulged guests’ palate with a range of Cha Chaan Teng inspired canapés, included Freshly Toasted Pineapple Bun with Hard Salted Butter, Freshly Toasted Crispy Bun with Sweet Condensed Milk and Chocolate Sauce, Sautéed instant noodle with scallops, barbecue pork and cheese sauce and many more!


Guests also sipped on delightful red and white wines


Live cooking station

Guests also enjoyed acoustic performances, appreciated intriguing art pieces and the newest collection of the local artist Mr. San Chiu Yan. His “ASH” series showcased a range of paintings, photos and videos in expressing the beauty of withered flowers. Mr. San established Art Alley studio in 2014 to promote Hong Kong’s Cultural and Creative Industry. In the past 5 years, he co-operated with various brands like Longchamp, Joyce, Delsey and

Mr. San’s “ASH” Collection