Thailand Candle Festival: an impressive show of devotion and carving skills

Hosted every year when Thailand is entering into the Buddhist lent, the Candle Festival is an impressive show of people’s devotion to Buddhist tradition and a magnificent display of skills in carving candles.

Held on the full moon of the eighth lunar month, which this year falls on 28 July, Khao Phansa, or Buddhist Lent Day, marks the official start of the rainy season. It coincides with the moment when monks traditionally retreat to their temples for a three-month period dedicating their time to study, meditation, and prayer.

During the Candle festival, a competition is held to praise the most beautiful candle, followed by a superb candle procession on floats around the city streets.

This year, the festival will take place from 23-28 July in several cities but the prime location remains Ubon Ratchathani in North-eastern Thailand.

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