The Masterpiece Project Scenery Hill is a unique house. Focus on design that emphasizes beauty, premium construction materials.



Close to nature with surrounding mountains. The project takes long-term safety by piling every house. House structure using standard steel, the house is made of strong brick it also helps to reduce global warming. With energy saving home concept using standard heat-insulating foil, Elephant Brand.



Convenient transportation on the main road, only 10-20 minutes from the airport, hospital, department store. For home designs, there is a choice of single and double floors.



The project has facilities such as fitness, swimming pool, garden, relaxing for evening walks. And outdoor playground for various activities
In parts of safety, there is an Easy pass sensor system, a security guard. And 24-hour CCTV.



​Starting at only 4.45 million baht
Phone number 053-296688