Tu Kab Khao Restaurant Phuket






Tu Kab Khao Restaurant Phuket


You would not reach to Phuket If you haven’t try a local specialties restaurant, unless you have reached to Tu Kab Khao, the Phuket genuine local food, where all those foreigner or even Thai local come every time whenever they come to Phuket.




Tu Kab Khao Phuket is located in the heart of Phuket old town where couples come to take pre wedding galleries, that is not hard to see by its unique colonial building that decorate with the idea of Sino – Portuguese style (Phuket truly interiors).





With traditional native Phuket that pass secret resciepe generation through generations. Under the concept of children back home in childhood and asked mother to have some food, we often hear from mothers that. Food in the pantry (Pantry in Thai is called as Tu Kab Khao)







Moo Hong, a stewed pork belly dish. Stewing it slowly in gravy seasoned over 6 hours that make a slightly sweet, fatty. Or Deep Fried Fish with Fresh Turmeric, deep fried fish in hot oil after marinating for couple of hours in a curry-like paste that is prepared by Thai herbs that make a little bit spicy smell but not spicy taste from Turmeric that make lots of foreigners always order these two dishes.





There will also provide other dishes like Curry crab noodles, Fried pork with bitter bean and Shrimp Paste, Liang (Phuket local vegetable) fried eggs and dessert like Oh eo (薁荛), a native of Phuket sweets.




We advise you to make the reservation prior coming as the restaurant has a lot of guest coming all the day.


Tu Kab Khao Phuket

Open 11am – 10pm.

Fb Tu Kab Khao Phuket.